An andesite quarry of Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited is located in KaengKhoi District, Saraburi Province, which the mineable resource in the concession area is estimated initially to be about 17 million tons. However, the company’s andesite resources can be xpanded further for the better productivity and ratio of proportion of the products can be manufactured according to milling tuning by using rough and fine grinding machines. Also, the stones can be separated by their sizes by using a screening machine to meet our needs. The screening machine can be adjusted to meet the needs of the market.

Current products are as follows.

     1. Railway ballast used for railway and railroad sleeper.
     2. Well Grade size 3/4 inch and 3/8 inch used for construction, road construction and concrete sleeper.
     3. Road Base Stone used for road construction and as raw material for cement mix.
     4. Fine dust used for lightweight wall panels
     5. Other Stones, including stone with clay and rocks larger than 60 mm.
     6. Kaolin is an important ingredient in the chemical industry.

Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited has signed a tin mining operation contract for producing tin from the start of the process until export to the buyer. Moreover, we have started to prepare the mine area for installing machinery and equipment since late 2016 until actual production began in March 2017.