Corporate Social Responsibility


Our production processes are environmental friendly:

Tongkah Harbour Group concerns on social and environmental responsibility to ease environmental impact for its minimum and maintaining standard manufacturing. We recognize that mining adversely affect the environment and society as a whole despite ore production will benefit the economy and the industrial sector of the country, leading to improved quality of life and society.

The company firmly stands to:

  • Control air quality in drilling, transportation and dust.
  • Control water quality and reused water from production process with zero harm to environment.
  • Control waste management, which has been certified by the Ministry of Industry of Thailand with planning, storage, and spill prevention control system without waste or tailing slit infiltration into the soil. We have the coordination with government agencies to monitor water quality at the point of measurement of groundwater in surrounding area.

Tongkah Harbour Group operates business under legal and environmental requirements including compliance measures and protect the environment, which approved and agreed upon regulatory authorities. We have restricted environmental monitoring and reporting to the authorities as stated in the law.

Creating green space awareness inside out:

Other than the environmentally friendly manufacturing process,Tongkah Harbour Group is firmly committed to implementing environmental management by creating awareness by starting from within the organisation and expand into the surrounding community. Tongkah Harbour Group focuses on the development of green space around the area of operations to restore and maintain balance to nature even at the time the company is no longer operating in the area. We have various action plans to create green space such as creating green spaces in the workplace, promoting reforestation and forest management in all areas of operation and so on.


Being involve first, then being apart:

Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited realizes that earning trust, recognition and support from stakeholders especially the community around the area of operations is what essentially enables growth and sustainability to the business. Therefore, prior to initiating any projects, we require ourselves to create the participation with stakeholders in studying and evaluating the impact of the environment, economic and social to prevent adverse effects that may occur.

We also implement community development plan alongside to support needs and help solving problems of stakeholder in its entirely sustainable bound and participation as well as the cooperation from 3 parties including ourselves, government agencies – private sector and community groups by giving priority to the development of the economy and society.

1. Promote economic development and sustainable revenue for community projects such as animal farms, fishery etc.

2. Promote social development by focusing on education, health, religion, traditions and sports such as building the temple or community soccer field, etc.


Make artificial flowers

 The CSR team have organized a event of volunteer project to allow villagers in Saraburi mining area to make artificial flowers to express their loyalty and remembrance to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej on July 9, 2560


999 Teak tree Planting Project

On June 9, 2560, tongkah family has carried out the project of planting 999 teak tree at at Moo 4, Thatum sub-district , KaengKhoi district To join the campaign of returning green space to nature in the vicinity of Tongkah Mines in Saraburi


Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited and its affiliates took a part of the prevent and reduce the epidemic of Covid-19 to local community in Tha Tum District, Saraburi Province. The Corporate Social Responsibility Department has made 250 anti-virus kits such as; Alcohol Spray, and face mask in order to distributed to local community and nearest areas on 20th August 2021.

Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited and its affiliates be a part to fight against Covid-19 with the frontline personnel at Thammasat Field Hospital by providing necessary equipment and supplies for the treatment of Covid-19 patients on 18th August 2021.

On 11th August 2021, Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited and its affiliates be a part to fend off the Covid-19 by giving essential and medical supplies which necessary for the quarantine to the waiting center at Sai Mai District, Bangkok.

On 1st August 2021, Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited and its affiliates be a part of encouraging Covid-19 patients by giving 200 lunch sets to the waiting center at Bang Khae District (Ruangsan Sports Center, Soi Petchkasem 63) in order to further distributed to the Covid-19 patients inside the waiting center.

Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited and its affiliates took a part of the prevent and reduce the epidemic of Covid-19 to local community in Tha Tum District, Saraburi Province. The Corporate Social Responsibility Department delivered the necessary equipment and supplies which provided during the quarantine to “Baan That Waiting Center” on 10th August 2021

Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited and its affiliates took a part of the prevention of Covid-19 to the frontline, the paramedical personnel. The company delivered 60 sets of PPE and 400 sets of CPE to Nabon Hospital and Bangkhan Hospital in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province on 9th August 2021.

On 4th August 2021, the Corporate Social Responsibility Department has prepared and donated 100 sets of survival bags to the Tak Chamber of Commerce in order to help affected people from flood in Mae Sot District, Tak Province.

The Project Management Department has invited Dr. Natchaporn Nopakroh (Doctor, Internal Medicine) from 9th Infantry Division, to teach Tongkah family how to understand the physical checkup reports and introduced self-care tips for healthy life which will help them on how to avoid various diseases.

The Company has provided additional training to increase knowledge and empower employees on April 4, 2560 by the IT department has set up a workshop of using of google docs, google present, google drive, which is useful and can be applied to improve their skill Hope all Tognkah crews will receive the knowledge and benefit from this training.


The company provides training for its employees in saraburi by inviting Atlasto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. toheld a training workshop on maintenance of hydraulic drilling machine. T25 to the technician team of Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited to provide knowledge and improve the efficiency of the machine.


In January 2560, the CSR team joined the Saraburi community to organize the annual Children’s Day event in 2560. There are many activities such as giving gifts, dolls, balloons, free ice cream so children can enjoy it and prize draw, which all actvities have create the enjoyment, happiness and smile for children in the community as well as community members.


On 19 – 21 December 2559, the CSR team went to say happy New Year and gave the calendar, medicine, children’s day coupons to the community around mining site at Saraburi. This is to express concern for the health of the community, besides we have listened to the villagers to understand their concerns for improvement. This activity has received good response from the villagers as well as the smile and happiness of the people.


On 7 December 2559, representatives of tongkahharbour Group organize activities for students by giving student uniforms to schoolsaround the area of our mining site in myanmar, which is 9 schools in totaland this activity creates a smile and happiness for children and staff who are involved.

On the occasion of the birthday of King Rama IX on 5 December, We Tongkah Harbour family in Saraburi has collaborated to improve and develop the mine entrance route and the routes nearby to benefit the public for those who use this route in the area.

On 4th november 2559 Tongkah Harbour has organized CSR activity to clean the Wat Khao Khui Rattanathammaram in Saraburi province by helping from Tongkah Harbour family, we as Tongkah Harbour family expected nothing apart from smile from local people. Moreover, on 6 of November 2559 the company has hosted the annual Kathin ceremony at Wat Khao Khui Rattanathammaram. This Kathin ceremony was received by the sum of 109,699 Baht from the Tongkah Harbour family, which the money will be used to contribute to the capital to build clergy monastery.

Cholsin Ltd. together with Tongkah Harbour Plc. have organized children’s day activities at Moo 4 Tambon Tha Tum, Amphoe Kaeng Khoi, Saraburi by Professor Wichai Cherdshewasart, Managing Director of Cholsin Ltd as the president to open an event. In the event there are 5 kiosks activities such as water Rocket booths, boating kiosks, food kiosks as well as many other activities on the stage, come with great prizes. This activity is designed to give kids more courage and greater rapport among children and between children and parents, throughout the day, the atmosphere of the event is bright and fun which we need to thank you for all the work and every parties that involved and made this happened. Especially the community that cooperate with us closely and very well organzinied since this event could not happen without a lovely community.


Tungkum Ltd. give candy to children in villages around the mine which there are 6 villages.
Moo 3, Ban Na Nong Bong
Moo 1, Ban Huaypook
Moo 13, Ban Phutupfar
Moo 2, Ban Koksatorn
Moo 12, Ban None Pha Phung Phathana
Moo 4, Ban Kaeng Hin
We are delighted and honored to be part of the children’s joy in the community around the mine. Because this is one of our intentions that “The people in the community around the mine will have a good life.


Tungkum Ltd has participated in children’s day activities at various schools in the area around the mine site at Khao Luang by giving candy, snack and prizes to the children. We aim to make children happy on Children’s Day so they could grew up as a good adult and love your community as we love the community.

Tungkum Ltd. has provided drinking water to help people in the area around the mine site for the happiness of community that we love and respect.

Tungkum Ltd. is one of the supporters and participants in the “Bike for Dad” at Pak Puan intersection, Loei province.


At School field of Ban Khon Kaen-None Swan School, It has organized the school athletic event held in the academic year of 2015 to strengthen the subconscious athlete spirit, by the quote of “Knowing, losing, winning and forgiving each other”. It also enhances harmony between students themselves and between teachers and students who Tungkum Ltd was a part of upporting this event.