Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited has been operating in the mining industry for over 111 years, with a team of experienced professionals in mining business.We are also equipped with standardized machinery for efficient mining operations. Moreover, we can operate various types of mining operations, such as

• Gold
• Copper
• Tin
• Quarry
• Etc

Resource Management

We operate the mining business by focusing on the concept of good resource management, and the principles that we take into account are as follows.

          1. Management of our mineral possession by using them to the maximum benefit with technology and tools. All types of machines that we choose to use will be suitable with our objective regarding the purpose of the minerals. We focus on the processes and production to get as many minerals as possible, and to minimize the amount of minerals lost during the processes as well as the development of production and increasing value of mineral resources.

          2. Mineral management and operations are transparent with a good corporate governance, as well as constant monitoring of work processes and productivity with international standard.

          3. Conservation and responsible of natural resources and the environment in the area where the company operated in both short and long term.

          4. We monitor the impacts on communities and the environment in the areas that we are responsible. And if any area is affected by the company’s activities, we will investigate the problem or the effect, and find solutions including how to prevent it from happening again.


         Exploration is a process of exploring an area where mineral deposits are expected, including assessing and analyzing the quantity and quality of mining reserves 
in that area. The mineral exploration will require specialists to operate. Moreover, mineral deposits in the soil have accumulated in different layers under the ground.

Our mineral exploration is divided into 2 stages :
          1. Scouting is a preliminary exploration by exploring the surface of the area. After the survey, we could know the initial amount of mineral to be used to decide whether to conduct a full-scale exploration or abandon the project. Besides, the result of the preliminary exploration could help us determine whether full scale exploration should follow, and determine the area that we will drill in the next phase.
          2. Full scale is the exploration where we use drilling method and drill into the ground through the surface with defined coordinates. Drilling will be done in both diagonal and vertical angle in order to obtain the information of the size and shape of the mineral below the surface layer.

Analysis Of Mineral Quality

The mineral analysis will allow us to know the kind and amount of minerals are in the area, and will determine whether it will be sufficient to continue investment. From the analysis of the information, we will have the result of the analysis kept in a database for the mine in order to use this information to evaluate the investment in the next steps. Or, if there is a change of the ownership of the concession, they can use this information immediately. Finally, we have a laboratory equipped with experts to analyze 
mineral quality.


 We have explosives in order to blast the rock with good performance and international standards, in addition, we also have experts in the analysis and planning of the explosion. The factors that used in planning the explosion are explosion planning, raw materials for explosion, size of pit hole, depth of the pit hole and the distance between each hole and we took all those factors into account. Furthermore, we consider the force used in the explosion in order to obtain the right size and amount of stone to grind into the mill as well as to get stone and ores in the smaller size which suitable size to use in the process.

Ore Processing

Ore processing is the process that makes the ore more purified with the same quantity of ore by removing impurities or other foreign substances that we do not want. For instance, we use the method of ore processing with the tin, which in natural, tin ore is likely to have iron in it. Lastly, we have the ability to pull iron out of tin by using magnets in order to get a tin concentrate.

 Import, Export And Sales

For mineral sales to buyers, we consider finding the appropriate buyers and the most efficient export and import process to minimize the cost and time for transportation, including the requirement for documents and licenses for export and import of various types of ore. We have specialists with experience in overseeing export and import planning for these processes as well as negotiating with domestic and international buyers.

Quarry Mine In Saraburi Province

          An andesite quarry of Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited is located in KaengKhoi District, Saraburi Province, which the mineable resource in the concession area is estimated initially to be about 17 million tons. However, the company’s andesite resources can be xpanded further for the better productivity and ratio of proportion of the products can be manufactured according to milling tuning by using rough and fine grinding machines. Also, the stones can be separated by their sizes by using a screening machine to meet our needs. The screening machine can be adjusted to meet the needs of the market.

Current products are as follows.

     1. Railway ballast used for railway and railroad sleeper. 
     2. Well Grade size 3/4 inch and 3/8 inch used for construction, road construction and concrete sleeper.
     3. Road Base Stone used for road construction and as raw material for cement mix. 
     4. Fine dust used for lightweight wall panels
     5. Other Stones, including stone with clay and rocks larger than 60 mm.
     6. Kaolin is an important ingredient in the chemical industry.

Tin Mine In Republic Of The Union Of Myanmar

Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited has signed a tin mining operation contract for producing tin from the start of the process until export to the buyer. Moreover, we have started to prepare the mine area for installing machinery and equipment since late 2016 until actual production began in March 2017

          Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited has engaged in various types of mining operations. Past performance of mining operations of Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited group had engaged are as follows:

• Explored and operated offshore tin mining in Phuket province by sea dredge. By using the sea dredge in the mining,Tongkah was the first to use such technology in the world and the first company that own the sea dredge in Thailand.

• Exploration and operation underground gold mines at Ban Toh Moh, Amphoe Suirin, Narathiwat Province which the concession area is covered over 1,027 acres and it was a gold tunnel mining.

• Exploration and operation a gold mining in Khao Luang, Wang Saphung, Loei Province, in which the area covered over 1,291 rai. The area was a significantly anomalous gold and gold-base metal mineralization.