Business Policy

Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited business operation is emphasized to establish the combination of stability and sustainability to the fullest capacity in order to create organisational added-value with concern on corporate social and environmental responsibility alongside.

In addition, mining industry is an important upstream industry of Thailand that help strengthen resources independence for industrial sector as well as reducing number of imported minerals abroad. The company implements strategies to increase growth and focuses on risk management that could be the obstacle for economical sustainability development of the company, yet protects the best interest for community, society and environment as a whole.

Growth Strategies 2015 – 2020 

Managing Existing Assets to Their Full Capacity

  • To improve operational efficiency of existing assets to their full potential and create maximum value.
  • The use of existing assets to maximize the benefit.

Project Development and Expansion

1. Mining Business

  • Focus the investment by being major shareholders in potential projects, which have high market demand.
  • Mining operation service Contractor in all type of minerals from the raw material to the buyer, moreover we only focus on the long term mining concession.


2. Real Estate Business

  • Focus on potential investment projects, which can generate returns efficiently.
  • We are obtaining potential lands for developing real estate projects.

Partner Search for Business Expansion

Current Businesses :

1. Domestic

  • Aim to joint venture with business alliances in expanding more production capacity and market or increasing new projects into the new area especially in the mining business.

2. International

  • Aim to invest in the company who possess mining concession and have a potential mining reserve increase in production, products and expanding the market.
  • Joint venture with business alliances to develop real estate business.

Future Businesses :

  • Aim to joint venture with business alliances in new businesses.