Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited has been operating in the mining industry for over 111 years, with a team of experienced professionals in mining business.
We are also equipped with standardized machinery for efficient mining operations. Moreover, we can operate various types of mining operations, such as

• Gold
• Copper
• Tin
• Quarry
• Etc

We operate the mining business by focusing on the concept of good resource management, and the principles that we take into account are as follows.

          1. Management of our mineral possession by using them to the maximum benefit with technology and tools. All types of machines that we choose to use will be suitable with our objective regarding the purpose of the minerals. We focus on the processes and production to get as many minerals as possible, and to minimize the amount of minerals lost during the processes as well as the development of production and increasing value of mineral resources.

          2. Mineral management and operations are transparent with a good corporate governance, as well as constant monitoring of work processes and productivity with international standard.

          3. Conservation and responsible of natural resources and the environment in the area where the company operated in both short and long term.

          4. We monitor the impacts on communities and the environment in the areas that we are responsible. And if any area is affected by the company’s activities, we will investigate the problem or the effect, and find solutions including how to prevent it from happening again.